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 Best of Top Ranking Colleges in the USA for Mechanical Engineering
TOP colleges in the USThis is the list of the best Colleges and Universities in the United States of America for Mechanical Engineering. Amongst these colleges and universities are some of the world's schools such as the MIT, Stanford, University of California, Berkeley and CALTECH. The order in which the colleges are listed on the site are quite representative of their rankings. However, the order should not be strictly construed to be rankings assigned to these schools. The order may vary from that listed by other ranking services.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
    The Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering brings together faculty members and post-baccalaureate students into a community of scholars with a common interest in innovation, creativity and advanced professional study.

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a total of eight graduate degrees. Four of these are SM degrees with specification - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and Master of Science in Oceanographic Engineering (a joint degree offered by MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute). Three other degrees are designed with engineering practice in mind: the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineer's Degree, and Naval Engineer's Degree. For doctoral candidates, the department offers the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) / Doctor of Science (Sc. D) program, the highest academic degree offered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  2. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    At the graduate level, the ME program aligns academic course work with research, to prepare scholars in specialized areas within the field of mechanical engineering. Human-centered design and design for sustainability are themes that span all of the programs in the department.

    The five engineering themes around which the department is built make this broad-based education possible: Biomedicine, Computational Engineering, Design, Energy, and Multi-Scale Engineering. The five programs within the department are built around these themes where a continued emphasis on fundamental understanding of a range of engineering and scientific concepts is combined with a sensitized empathy for human need.

  3. University of California--Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    The college was established in 1931 from a merger of the Colleges of Mechanics and the College of Civil Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering Department is located in Etcheverry Hall, on the Berkeley campus. The Department’s research projects are primarily funded by the National Science Foundation, governmental agencies, and the many industries located around Berkeley and the Silicon Valley. The department has 348 graduate students and 44 faculty members.

    The department offers a complete program of graduate study and research in both traditional and innovative areas within mechanical engineering. It also participates in several interdisciplinary programs including bioengineering and environmental engineering. Specific areas for concentration include: Bioengineering, Computer Mechanics, Dynamics and Controls, Environmental Engineering, Fluid and Solid Mechanics, Manufacturing Processes, Materials and Design, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Ocean Engineering and Thermosciences.

  4. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
    Mechanical Engineering at Caltech has a century-long record of excellence. Mechanical Engineering offers both graduate and undergraduate programs that seeks to train future technological leaders. The graduate program is oriented primarily at doctoral students though Caltech also offers masters and engineers degrees.

    Research areas in mechanical engineering at Caltech include mechanics (including active materials, fracture mechanics, and mechanics of materials), mechanical systems (including control and analysis of dynamic systems including microfluidic and optofluidic devices, kinematics, optimization, robotics, and structural design), and fluid and thermal systems (including acoustics, cavitation, chemical vapor deposition, combustion, fluid flow and hydrodynamic instabilities, heat and mass transport, multiphase and multicomponent flows, propulsion, and turbulence). These areas are applied to a rich diversity of problems including bioengineering, control of aircraft engines, design of vehicle structures, granular flows, earthquake occurrence, hyper-redundant robots, jet noise reduction, locomotion and grasping, medical applications of robotics, navigation algorithms, structured design of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), thin film deposition, transportation systems, propulsion systems, and rapid assessment of early designs.

  5. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI
    Mechanical Engineering at Michigan, is a 140-year old department with almost 75 professorial and research faculty, 60 staff members, 700 undergraduates, 475 graduate students and over 16,000 alumni. Faculty continually make strides in fundamental science while extending the boundaries in emerging disciplines. With a research budget of $27 million in 2006, faculty put theory into practice, translating breakthroughs in their laboratories into solutions in the following areas: Biosystems, Combustion & Heat Transfer, Design & Manufacturing, Dynamics & Vibrations, Environmental Sustainability, Fluid Mechanics, Materials & Solid Mechanics, MEMS/Microsystems & Nanotechnology and Systems & Controls

    The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree in Mechanical Engineering requires a Bachelor of Science (BSE) degree in Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent. There are four separate MSE degree program options in ME: (i) coursework only, (ii) coursework with an individual study project, (iii) coursework with an M.S.E. thesis, and (iv) coursework with a practicum in industry. The Ph.D. degree is the highest degree awarded by the ME Graduate Program, and is primarily recommended for students who are interested in a career in teaching and/or research.

  6. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
    The Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and second largest of the ten divisions in the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech. The enrollment includes 1675 undergraduate students and almost 700 graduate students. Currently, the school offers programs in mechanical engineering, nuclear and radiological engineering, medical physics, paper science and engineering, and bioengineering including seven in graduate studies (MS, MSME, MSNE, MSMP, MSPS, MSBIOE, and the Ph.D.).

    Currently, sample courses of instruction in mechanical engineering include: engineering graphics, mechanics, computing techniques, creative decisions and design, systems dynamics and control, dynamics of rigid bodies, circuits and electronics, engineering materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials, experimental methods, heat transfer, machine design, systems lab, energy systems, manufacturing processes, experimental engineering, and capstone design.

  7. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL
    The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering has 53 full-time faculty are all active in research and publish in high-impact journals, such as Science, Nature and Applied Physics Letters. Research expenditures of $24 million allow faculty and students to advance knowledge in key fundamental areas such as biomechanical sciences, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, applied physics, chemistry, dynamics and controls, computational science and applied math.

    MechSE offers baccalaureate degrees in engineering mechanics and mechanical engineering, and master's and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering and theoretical and applied mechanics. Mechanical engineering applies the principles of physics to the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. It includes many areas of specialization, including bioengineering, energy systems and thermodynamics and nano- and microelectromechanical systems (NEMS and MEMS). Master's and doctoral students in theoretical and applied mechanics specialize in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and materials, dynamics, applied mathematics, and computational science and engineering.

  8. Purdue University--West Lafayette, West Lafayette, IN
    The graduate program in Purdue University's School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest in the United States. The School of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1882, the first of the schools of engineering to begin a continuous existence. Built on a long tradition of excellence, the School of Mechanical Engineering has fifty-seven faculty are dedicated to educating over 1100 undergraduate and graduate students.

    The School of Mechanical Engineering is organized into the following areas: Acoustics and Noise Control, Bioengineering, Combustion, Energy Utilization and Thermodynamics, Design, Fluid Mechanics and Propulsion, Heat Transfer, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Manufacturing and Materials Processing, Mechanics and Vibration, Nanotechnology, Systems, Measurement & Control.

  9. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is committed to offering educational programs that develop knowledge of the technical foundations of engineering, increase enthusiasm for learning and the engineering profession, broaden understanding of humanities and social sciences, and equip the student with marketable skills. The one-year Master of Engineering program in either mechanical or aerospace engineering is a professional course of study that allows students to develop a high level of competence in engineering science, current technology, and engineering design. The MS/PhD programs in either mechanical or aerospace engineering emphasize basic sciences in those fields to prepare students for the diversity found at the frontiers of research and industrial development.

  10. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
    Princeton's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has played a leading role in fluid modeling and measurement, propulsion, combustion and aerospace dynamics over the past half century. The Department is a part of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The department maintains close ties with the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, and the Princeton Environmental Institute.

    The department specializes in Bioengineering, Combustion and Energy Conversion, Computational Engineering, Dynamics and Control Systems, Environment and Energy Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Lasers and Applied Physics, Laser Matter Interactions, Medical Applications, Materials and Mechanical Systems, Vehicle Sciences and Applications. Three separate degree programs are offered by the department.  Course performance requirements are the same for M. Eng., M.S.E and Ph.D. candidates. Only the emphasis of the overall plan of study (courses and thesis research) is different.

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